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Fashion Tips: Unique Silver Rings

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The best part of getting ready in the morning is picking out what jewelry you are going to wear. You stare at your necklace tree, or your jewelry box and you wonder what will be the best necklace, ring, or earrings to wear today. You want to try something new, so you check the latest jewelry trends. What you find makes you realize how badly you want to have more rings. The the newest trend takes some practice to get right: stackable rings. How do you perfect the stackable ring look without overdoing it? Below are some tips to wear rings without looking too eccentric for work or school.

Tip One: Thin Bands

Thin bands are one of the best ways to not make your fingers look like they were dipped in a vat of metal. Thin bands allow you to wear multiple rings without going overboard with a large amount of metal. Thick, chunky bands tend to make fingers look too overwhelming and ruins your jewelry game. A thin band also makes your fingers look longer and thinner. There are some cute types of thin bands too, check out to see all the various types of thin bands. Our website offers thin silver abstract design rings, some of the styles you’ll find are abstract lines, abstract center, heart rings, and thin braided rings.

Tip Two: One Finger Stacking

Stacking rings on one specific finger is a simple and great way of making your jewelry game look uniquely original. Usually people stack rings on their pointer finger or their middle finger. The look is simple and effectively shows off a unique side of wearing rings. Wearing two or three rings on one finger, especially if they look good together, show off how innovative you are. If you go to we offer several stacked rings that range from two to three rings, or connected rings. There are also rings that are so large they look like multiple rings. We have a variety of rings that would look good on one finger, like the butterfly or bonded style.

Tip Three: Metal & Stone

You don’t have to stick to just metal rings, you can do metal and stones. Mixing and matching stone rings and metal rings show how versatile of a fashionista you are. Wearing stone rings, such as topaz, emerald, and ruby are all found on our website, We have a wide selection of designer silver jewelry and stone rings with silver bands. We make sure to have the best of the best for our stone jewelry as well as the metal jewelry we offer. Our metal jewelry has a variety of abstract designs that are connected, bonded, and have an innovative look.

Our website is a great place to find designer silver jewelry, especially unique silver rings. We are able to point you in the right direction for some silver ring tips online and make you into the fashionista we know you can be. With the help of our variety of silver rings you’ll be able to master any of the above tips that are presented. If you like to stack your rings, then we have something to offer you! If you like to mix and match with metal and stone, we’ll provide you with the proper jewelry to make you the envy of your friends. If you want small thin rings, so you can wear more rings, that’s available too! Check out our website and look at our rings! Don’t forget to check out our silver toe rings too, and a variety of silver jewelry set that will make you the cutting-edge fashion savvy person that makes people stop in awe!