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Rhodium-Plated Jewelry: The Facts

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Rhodium is being used in a lot more jewelry these days, but what do we know about rhodium-plated jewelry? What is the history behind it? What exactly is rhodium-plated jewelry?


Rhodium is a transitional metal that is silvery-white and is part of the platinum family. It is sometimes used in jewelry as an expensive alternative to silver, which is when it is occasionally plated to make it look even flashier. What is neat about rhodium is that it is as nonreactive as gold and it’s high appeal is due to the highly reflective metal.

A little background about rhodium is that it was discovered in 1803 and means ‘rose’ in Latin. Most of the rhodium is found in South Africa, it is a noble metal that is very bright and is a solid finish, which is when the plating is applied. When rhodium is plated and finished the appearance is enhanced and creates longevity.

Rhodium is hypoallergenic and it does not leave a greenish tinge on the skin. The reason that rhodium is plated is that it increases the strength, shininess, and durability of the metal. Rhodium plating will not last forever, which is very important to remember, and it’s longevity can depend on it’s weart. Rhodium also does not tarnish and is a very easy metal to clean.

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